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Litter Pictures

Int. Ch. Sheenaron Merry Sequoia MX MXJ PD1 PK1 PJ1 CL4 x Ch. Janneka's Chance of a Lifetime CGC TT

3 black girls, 2 black boys, 1 yellow girl, 3 yellow boys

> CLICK HERE < to see PHOTO ALBUMS for each pup!

Day1 ... Born April 30th, 2007 (6:15am -- 1:30pm)
Day 4
White Boy Yellow collar Girl  
Yellow collar Girl Pink Boy  

Orange, White and Pink Boys

Light Brown Girl  


Yellow Collar Girl, Light Brown Girl, Orange Boy

White Boy

Turquoise Girl



Turquoise Girl

White Boy



Yellow Collar Girl


Pink Boy

Blue Boy

Orange Boy

Pink Boy


Green Girl

Light brown Girl


Brown boy

Turquoise Girl


Pink Boy

Yellow Collar Girl  

Blue Boy and Green Girl: We can walk... well almost!

Blue Boy: I really can walk!!

Pink Boy and Brown Boy

Pink Boy


Brown Boy, Pink Boy, Orange Boy

White Boy, Light Brown Girl

Raising a litter is exhausting -- Mum Sierra (right) and best Aunt on the planet, Amy retire to the sofa for some ZZZZs....

White Boy

White Boy and Brown boy, on the move!! Yup -- they'll be a blur for a while since I'm not using the flash on the camera anymore, because their eyes are starting to open!


Light Brown GIrl, Orange Boy, White Boy.... We know there's milk here somewhere...




Green Girl in one of her rare moments of being still

Light brown Girl


Orange Boy - I wonder how much longer I'll fit under here?

It's never too early to start waggin !


Green Girl -- demonstrating her start line sit !!!

Blue Boy - Always an overachiever

Green Girl - ready to rock and roll

Green Girl and Turquoise Girl.... So that's what you look like!

Light Brown Girl with Ducky!

7 of us plus Ducky and the squeeeeky bone, at the Milk Bar

We've found our legs


Orange boy - Forever the explorer


Turquoise Girl -- Professional cuddler

Pink Boy, Light brown Girl - You weren't really sleeping were you?


Brown Boy-- Recharging after going climbing with his sister

Green Girl, White Boy, Light brown Girl - Superstars in the making


Orange Boy, Pink Boy and Ducky, catching some ZZzzs

Let the games begin!! Pink Boy, White Boy and someone black that shall remain anonymous


Yellow Girl, flattering her friend Touki through imitation!!


Blue Boy, White Boy and Yellow Girl


The Nursery is a happenin' place!


We just can't keep still !!

We flip, we flop, we finally pass out


Yellow Girl, White Boy, Green Girl and many more besides


We're all present and accounted for


Pink Boy, unable to hide his cuteness


Green girl leads an exploration party and heads out of the litter box



Green girl and blue boy finally scale the whelping box barrier into the x-pen area


Check out our yard out there!! The pups admire the view out of the window





Turquoise girl wonders why everyone else is asleep



... and decides to wake up her sisters

Green, yellow and turquoise girls

Light brown girl snoozing

Blue and White Boys

Pink and White Boys, Light Brown Girl -- This is a great place to snooze!


Orange Boy, hanging out in the x-pen that's connected to the whelping box.


Green Girl - so bashful

Pink and Brown Boys and yellow girl scale the whelping box door


Orange Boy, relaxing on a cushion

Orange and White boy


Light Brown Girl and Yellow Girl relaxing after a meal

Turquoise girl, Green girl and Blue Boy basking in a cool spot, closely guarded by their pet crab


Puppy tesalation! Brown flexi-dog Boy and Pink Boy snoozing

Later on, White Boy and Orange boy grab the same spot!


Turquoise Girl -- So unbelievably sweet!

Green Girl -- The towel is the best chew toy on earth!


Peas in a pod -- The whole gang takes a nap

Green Girl and Orange Boy


White Boy snuggles up to ducky

Brown Boy immerses himself in a snuggly cushion


Pink boy did that all on his own!

The nursery and potty area


OMG -- we have some new toys and a tunnel.... Let's check it out

Every toy is henceforth a chew toy now that our puppy teeth have shown up!

Turquoise girl and pink boy check out the nursery toys


Brown boy investigates the tunnel


After all that activity, Turquoise girl and Brown boy take a nap, o'top the pillow



Turquoise girl finally retires to a soft pillow

Got Milk? White boy makes the most of Mom's milk.... Look at the milk on his nose -- Cute!

The pups will start to be weaned tomorrow


Oooo ... what is this? Blue boy notices something spinning from up on high

I can see through the hole in the middle... Pink boy investigates!


Whenever I try to grab it, it moves -- White boy and yellow girl

Green girl


Pondering our next move

We had a fun day


The pups start to eat solid food

The 3 black girls assure the world that they are perfectly comfortable


Yellow and Green Girls


Light Brown girl, snoozing

Green girl owns all the toys


White Boy audtions for the job of agility dog, while yellow girl is not looking

... Might as well take a nap while in here - White boy nods off


Turquoise Girl finds a toy or two

Turquoise girl finally wears herself out


Light brown girl... See, it's not me being mischievous

The crab can't believe his eyes



Brown Boy, Light brown Girl and white boy demonstrate 3 competely different ways to fall asleep on the pillow

Turquoise girl


The pups plot their escape


Sierra watching her brood.... The pups are almost weaned.... but every time she goes in there they demand milk bar services

Orange and White boy take a power nap


Pink boy takes the shortest route....to the surprise of the others

Blue Boy


Pink keeps his paws crossed that there will be some food soon


The hanging toy is driving blue boy crazy

Best to rest and figure out how to get the hanging toys later


White Boy knows how to look angelic

Turquoise girl


Orange boy pounces on the hanging toy


Pink Boy play bows the ball ....


White Boy and blue boy


Pink Boy, Blue Boy and Yellow Girl -- Pink boy has finally found the perfect pillow

Ying and Yang? Blue boy checks out white boy's new pearly whites


Orange boy heads the labrador climbing lesson class. The agility dog walk should be a breeze after this

White boy, brown boy and yellow girl nod off after an usually high dose of mischief


Light brown girl back flips in order to get the better of the tunnel!

Pink boy


Brown boy

Orange boy stretches out


Blue Boy really is this sweet!

Goodie -- this crate mat is perfect for somersaults!


Blue Boy and Green girl play tug

Turquoise Girl and White Boy Snooze


Yellow Girl and Brown Boy

Brown Boy


Yellow girl and brown boy

White Boy and Light brown girl


Pink Boy




Always the climber -- Brown boy scales the step ladder

Blue Boy, Green Girl and White Boy

Orange boy always has kisses

Big labrador tangle... Dad is the best climbing toy ever!



Updated: Saturday, August 4, 2007 2:00 PM